No man's lacky, no man's lord the author boldly declares, "Unvanquished, We Remember April 18, 1864." This book looks back into history and aims to inform, equip and empower us to forge ahead as proud Americans. Honored is the majestic posture, fortitude and indomitable spirits of the men who fought for freedom and won the American Civil War. This book pays homage to the valiant service rendered by the 1st Kansas Colored Infantry Regiment, some who became martyrs at the Engagement at Poison Springs in Arkansas on April 18, 1864. As to not squander one bit of the marvelous freedom the reader is challenged to define freedom and it's relevance today? Included is the Unvanquished International Literacy Campaign which honors our ancestors and promotes literacy. A must read! For this book reveals a secret to life, "Literacy is Freedom@Work."

Unvanquished, We Remember April 18, 1864: Homage to the First Kansas Colored ...

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