This is a must read for those who believe the truth, who understand vision is not what you are looking at, but rather what you see. The author exclaims, “Luxuries, delicacies and manifested destiny are for those daring enough to possess them all. Ms. Toney shares a family recipe for the use of tenacity, the likes of which bespoke wealth and culinary artistry come to life. Ode to living large, to starting something from scratch and discovering your soul’s net worth. 
The Chitlins and Bespoke Manifesto is like a real power couple, each being extremely unique, yet complimentary and undivided on purpose. Every word and each silhouette presented reveals an open access to real capital, mutigenerational wealth and culinary art. "I am giving birth to a literacy-rich generation", proclaims Ms. Toney.

The Chitlins and Bespoke Manifesto

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