Adrianne M. Toney, M.A., Author and Philanthropist Bio in Brief.
Adrianne M. Toney writes books for Giants. She says, “I am dripping wet with fire on purpose... My life’s work is intimately intermingled with the will of God, to will and to do. God created Stars, and I write to provoke them to shine.”

 Adrianne was appointed by Mike Beebe, Governor of the State of Arkansas in 2014 to the Daisy Gaston Bates Committee, where she serves to continue the bold forward strides towards educational attainment and the full enjoyment of American citizenship for all men, regardless of race, creed or color. As a recipient of the President's Volunteer Service Award from the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation from both President George W. Bush in 2008 and President Barack H. Obama in January of 2012 she stands as a true Vanguard.


To her credit and with numerous awards and commendations she has written seven books on character education, leadership and wealth. Adrianne is a highly sought after Key-note Speaker, Global Career Development Facilitator, Youth Leader, Sunday School Teacher, Songwriter… Sage. Ms. Toney, most recently was appointed as the Director of Operations at TEEM Academy in the State of Arkansas.


 She began her academic and professional career in Chicago, IL; attending Northwestern University later moving to California she holds a Bachelor of Psychology and Masters of Art in Business with a specialization in Organizational Leadership; both degrees are from Vanguard University of Southern California. Adrianne is currently building The Dream Factory, headquarters for Imorpheus Publications Global and giving birth to #LiteracyRich #Giants. Published Works: The Chitlins and Bespoke Manifesto The Realistic Approach to Work (RAW) Bodacious Ink: How to Write on the Hearts of Men. Unvanquished, We Remember April 18, 1864. Grace Incorporated for Young men Be Darling, Full of Grace Dream Baby, Dream on CD All available on Hot on Heels of an Amazing Missions Trip and Vacation to the Nation of Jamaica, Adrianne hand delivered texts from her soon to be released books  "#god-like, a Workbook for #LiteracyRichGiants and Mastering, The Art of Transition! With no plans to retire, she is teaching with her whole life, and preparing her successors to take her place with a great "HEAD-START.

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